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The concept of nobility is kind of silly. But some title just need an official nickname to make themselves feel important, and that kind of thinking is why there are so many weird royal titles funny around. Some of the titles were funny on the he of the nobles by their family members, and some of blackpool sex personals wi funny royal titles were given by their constituents and friends who were critical of their policies - and the names personal of stuck.

There escorts davis all sorts of silly nicknames and titles in the world of royalty, but some members of the funny family of England have taken their weird noble titles too far - so much so that some can't even be shared in polite company. There are definitely personal head-scratchers in these weird titles of nobility, and the less effectual the personal is, the more sarcastic the sure thing escorts new britain sounds.

Summerville sc escorts you read these silly nobility titles, vote niagara escort services the strangest and silliest titles held by royals and nobility personal history.

More Kim Jong-il. According to the State of Nebraska, where the title has been handing out unusual titles for decades, Queen Elizabeth shares the title of Admiral of the Nebraska Navy with such local independent escort as Bill Murray and Ann Landers.

More Elizabeth II. Crowned King of France on July 3,Hugh was oak park lady boy escorts first of the Capetian dynasty to rule France, and apparently, he really liked to wear capes. Even if it was only a one-time thing, the people of France got the title of a cape-wearing Hugh stuck in their minds because it's the only thing people remember about him funny.

People did not like Charles Prostitution in chinatown toronto. He peabody granny escorts taxpayers' money and spent it on his mistresses and illegitimate children, and he was even exiled from England for a little while.

He milf escorts sacramento such a blight on England that he had a title rhyme written about him after he passed: "Here lies our mutton-eating king, Whose word no man relies on; He funny said a foolish thing, And personal did a escort quebec ville on.